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Dr. Susan Murphy

Fleas And Ticks are Here!

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Some Diseases Caused by Fleas and Ticks

1. Parasitic Dermatitis

Parasitic dermatitis is an allergic reaction that is caused by a pet's hypersensitivity to substances in flea saliva. Itchy, inflamed skin and papules will appear on the skin where fleas are concentrated. Eventually the irritation may cause hair loss and infection. These symptoms can exist long after flea infestation has been eliminated and may require treatments of antihistamines and antibiotics. Parasitic dermatitis is usually caused by flea bites but can sometimes be triggered by tick bites.

2. Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria that is transmitted by the bite of a tick. Lyme disease is considered the most common tick-borne disease in the United States. Symptoms include a sudden onset of lameness that is occasionally accompanied by fever, anorexia and lethargy. Lyme vaccinations in conjunction with flea and tick preventatives are recommended for all dogs, specifically those in endemic areas or those that are often outdoors.

3. Bartonella

Bartonella strains are bacterial parasites that are transmitted through flea or tick bites. Bartonella can infect humans, dogs, cats and rodents. Bartonella invades red blood cells and uses the cell's membrane as protection while multiplying. Bartonella can cause multiple ailments depending upon the strain existent in the host. It is responsible for Cat-scratch disease in humans. Bartonella can be diagnosed with laboratory blood work and most strains can be effectively treated with antibiotics.

4. Erlichiosis

Erlichiosis is a bacterial infection transmitted through tick bites. Erlichiae infect and destroy the white blood cells in the body of the host. Infection results in lethargy, weight loss, anemia and enlarged lymph nodes and spleen. Erlichiosis can be diagnosed by laboratory blood work and is usually responsive to aggressive treatment with the antibiotic doxycycline.

5. Rickettsiae

Rickettsiae are bacteria that can be transmitted by flea or tick bites. Multiple strains of rickettsia exist that can cause different ailments. Rickettsiae ailments include typhus, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, flea-borne spotted fever and tick bite fever. Diagnosis and treatment are dependant upon the strain of rickettsia and the associated illness.

6. Meningoencephalitis

Meningoencephalitis is an inflammatory disease that can be caused by numerous tick-borne viruses. Meningoencephalitis infects the brain and spinal cord, and their surrounding membranes. The result of infection is a loss of nervous system function. Fever, pain, convulsions and paralysis are symptoms of infection. Meningoencephalitis has a rapid onset and can be fatal. Diagnosis can be made by cerebrospinal fluid analysis. Treatment with antibiotics and anticonvulsants can be effective providing that the meningoencephalitis is the result of a tick-borne virus.

7. Tapeworms

Tapeworms are parasitic flatworms that can be transmitted by fleas that are ingested during grooming. Tapeworms exist in the digestive tract and shed reproductive segments of their body called proglottids. The proglottids are passed in the feces of the host and are visible to the naked eye. Proglottids are often the only noticeable indication of a tapeworm infestation.

Vaccines exist for few of these illnesses. The recommended preventative for all flea and tick associated illnesses is the prevention of the parasites themselves.


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Our Resolution

Our Resolution is to always do our best to provide excellence in wellness, illness and surgical care for patients; to build close, positive relationships with clients, and to provide education and empowerment to clients and staff in a calm, comfortable, healing environment.


       Dr. Susan Murphy and Jenna

Four Paws Animal Clinic is a full-service animal hospital whose mission is to provide compassionate care and support for all our 4 and 2 legged friends. We provide complete medical, dental, surgical and imaging services, including ultrasound as well as deluxe cat boarding.  Our staff is extremely well trained and are passionate about veterinary medicine , having worked with Dr. Murphy at Best Friends for many years. She calls them the "Dream Team".


At Four Paws Animal Clinic, you will walk into a calm, welcoming, and friendly environment every visit, so that the experience is as comfortable as possible for you and your pet. We strive to provide professional, affordable, and advanced veterinary services, including, but not limited to newer alternative therapies such as cold laser and stem cell therapy using your pets own stem cells found in their fat cells. click here to read about this new and exciting treatment for your pets arthritis .

We also have an in-house pharmacy, dental care products, carry some premium foods and have access to specialists, making our veterinary facility a one stop shop for your pet's health and medical needs. Please browse around our new website to learn about our facility and to read interesting pet articles. Click on the "email us" link below to ask us a question or to submit feedback. For directions to our office see our contact us page. To receive free monthly veterinary care articles, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Remember, at Four Paws Animal Clinic, your pets are our family!

Dr. Susan Murphy
Nevada City Veterinarian | Four Paws Animal Clinic | 530-265-3722

521A Searls Ave.
Nevada City, CA 95959

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Four Paws Animal Clinic
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Dear Dr. Murphy,

Thank you so very much for your brilliant diagnoses of my endocrine issues this past year.

I am now a happy, active boy; getting more stamina by the day. The bounce is back in my step. Thank you!  

Love, Harvard  Nevada City